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Former rival Eddie Alvarez offers advice to Conor McGregor for next training camp

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor’s former opponent Eddie Alvarez believes the Irishman has been softened by his lifestyle after becoming the wealthiest fighter in UFC history.

Many, Dana White and Georges St-Pierre included, are of the opinion that Conor McGregor’s lavish lifestyle has compromised the hunger of ‘The Notorious’ after McGregor suffered a TKO defeat to Dustin Poirier in the main event of UFC 257 two months ago.

With talk of a rubber match between McGregor and Poirier taking place this summer, a shared former opponent of the pair has explained how the Dubliner should approach the trilogy fight.

Conor McGregor

According to former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, who was knocked out by McGregor in 2016, ‘The Notorious’ needs to significantly alter his training camp in order to “harden himself” for the remainder of his career.

Alvarez, who shared the Octagon with Poirier on two occasions in the past, advised McGregor to return to the mentality that saw him reach the pinnacle of mixed martial arts if he is to get back in the win column.

“When you have $100 million in the bank, it’s the opposite of fighting,” Alvarez told Fanatics View.

“Fighting is having to deal with adversity every day, being told no. Having to wake up early. Doing things that you don’t necessarily want to do, and that requires discipline and it hardens you, and you become a good fighter as a byproduct of all these things that happened throughout your life.

“And the idea of having $100 million in the bank, where everyone tells you yes, you get to make your own schedule and you get to wake up when you want, it’s the opposite of having to be a fighter, it actually softens you.

“I feel like for Conor to come back, he needs to harden himself as a man. In order to do that, he needs to get rid of all those things, maybe go away. Get out of that world and become hardened again over time.”

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