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Dustin Poirier dismisses Conor McGregor’s leg kick claim

Dustin Poirier has laughed off Conor McGregor’s recent social media post.

In what was likely a very intentional typo, Conor McGregor tweeted on Tuesday night: “Guys, I’m gonna cheque the leg kick.”

McGregor struggled to deal with the calf kicks of Dustin Poirier in the main event of UFC 257 in January and he and head coach John Kavanagh have vowed to address that particular issue in preparation for a rubber match.

In Tuesday’s social media post, McGregor was likely combining a promise to check Poirier’s leg kicks next time around with a nod to the hefty paycheque that ‘The Notorious’ took away from the event in Abu Dhabi.

Poirier doesn’t seem too concerned about McGregor’s claim, however, as ‘The Diamond’ laughed off the social media post by suggesting that he intends to use illegal headbutts when the pair share the Octagon for a third time.

Poirier has been known to be rather tongue-in-cheek on social media but he’s all business in the Octagon and the Lafayette native recently raised doubts about McGregor’s ability to adapt to his style of fighting as talks continue for the completion of their trilogy.

“It’s not a lot of time to adjust or work on what he needs to work on for the calf kick, or whatever I want to switch up,” Poirier said on The Joe Rogan Experience. “Getting right back in camp without really evolving outside of training camp.

Dustin Poirier

“For me, I learn things inside of training camp because it’s just constantly under pressure, but it’s outside of training camps, times like right now where I’m in the gym having fun rolling and doing light kickboxing drills with my friends, where I feel like the big gains are made. When I’m having fun.

“It’s fighting. He’ll make adjustments. It’ll be a completely different fight, like the first one and the second was different. The third one is going to be different, as well, because I’m going to make adjustments, as well. I’ve got to switch it up and keeps things fresh and keep him guessing.”

UFC President Dana White has claimed that the promotion is targeting Poirier vs. McGregor III for this summer.

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