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UFC middleweight Darren Till involved in furious exchange with police over wearing a mask

Darren Till

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Darren Till admitted that he lost his temper with a police officer during a furious exchange at a garage in Liverpool.

Darren Till took to Instagram Live on Wednesday afternoon to film the interaction with a police officer, who approached the UFC middleweight’s car to ask why he wasn’t wearing a mask after he left his local petrol station.

Till erupted in a foul-mouthed tirade at the policeman, insisting that he was exempt from wearing a mask for medical reasons but he was unable to prove it at the time.

The footage shows Till ordering the officer to stay away from his car and let him leave, before he speeds away from the garage swearing at the police.

“Why am I out at my local garage getting water, and he’s coming out asking me about a mask,” Till fumed. “And I said, ‘Mate, I’ve got no proof right now.’ So let me on my way then.”

Till has since returned to social media to explain why he reacted so angrily to the incident, revealing that he is neither pro-mask nor anti-mask but he was simply frustrated by the officer looking for something to charge him with.

darren till

In a subsequent rant on Covid from his car, he 28-year-old vented about the altercation.

“Even though in my mind I was in the right, I lost my temper with that officer, because he was searching and fishing for something,” Till explained.

“He’s obstructing me, obstructing my night. … He was just clutching at straws. He had nothing, because I was doing nothing.”

Till has since tried to laugh the incident off by changing his social media names to ‘Karen Till’ and comparing himself to the ‘Karen’ stereotype of asking for the manager.

Till hasn’t fought since his defeat to Robert Whittaker last July. The Liverpool 185lber was due to fight Jack Hermansson last month but an injury forced Till out of the bout.

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