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Dana White names Tyron Woodley as the most difficult fighter he’s had to deal with


Dana White has been in his fair share of wars of words with fighters over the years.

In his role as a promoter, Dana White sometimes tells a different story to the media and the UFC president has most recently been embroiled in a very public dispute with his organisation’s most reliable cash-cow, Conor McGregor.

In the past, we’ve seen White hit out at the Diaz brothers, BJ Penn and Anderson Silva – all of whom were making him money but caused a few headaches.

Back in the day, White even prepared for a boxing match against Tito Ortiz, who many felt the UFC boss would pick as his most difficult employee.

Dana White

But when asked recently about the toughest fighter to deal with, White actually picked former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

“I would say the hardest kid that I ever dealt with, and everybody thinks that I don’t like him, it has to be Woodley,” White told reporters ahead of UFC 254.

Dana White

“Woodley’s the hardest kid I’ve ever dealt with. I look at what he could have done and what he should have done.

“Good-looking kid, physique, the whole thing, becomes a world champion, has that knockout power, has all the tools and everything else, but it’s just always pulling teeth with him and it’s always about something else other than the fight.”

Dana White

There has been no shortage of arguments between White and Woodley in the past, with the latter previously demanding an apology from the UFC president for his public criticisms of the former 170lbs king.

Woodley has lost three consecutive fights since his three-year reign as UFC welterweight champion so his bargaining position is not exactly as strong as it was when his relationship with White was at its most vitriolic.

At 38, Woodley likely doesn’t have many fights left in him before he hangs up his gloves for good and there’s no doubt that another fighter will come along to butt heads with White.

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