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Dana White’s theory on why Conor McGregor is still in UFC rankings

Conor McGregor

Dana White can’t fully explain why Conor McGregor remains in the official UFC rankings.

Having apparently retired from mixed martial arts in June, Conor McGregor is not only still in the UFC rankings but he actually moved up the lightweight charts two weeks ago.

That is made all the more curious when you consider the fact that former UFC bantamweight and flyweight champion Henry Cejudo, who retired just a few weeks before McGregor, is no longer in the official rankings.

UFC President Dana White was asked about this during a recent interview with The Schmo and he could only take an educated guess about why McGregor is ranked yet Cejudo is not.

“That’s a very good point. I don’t know the answer to this,” White admitted.

“But Cejudo probably dropped out of the USADA [United States Anti-Doping Agency] testing pool and Conor is still in it.”

Conor McGregor

The suggestion that Conor has still made himself available for testing by USADA shouldn’t surprise many as most feel that McGregor is not actually retired but simply biding his time until the next lucrative bout presents itself, while adding to his value by hinting that it will require a huge payday to coax him out of “retirement.”

After all, McGregor has retired in the past only to make a big-money comeback when the offer was right.

Conor McGregor laughing

Even White’s recent comments on McGregor’s latest retirement suggest that the company’s most reliable cash cow may well return to the Octagon before all is said and done.

While he guaranteed that ‘The Notorious’ won’t fight this year, White was careful with his wording when he told Barstool Sports that “this year, he is retired.”

White continued: “He doesn’t have a fight this year, and he won’t have a fight this year. Conor McGregor will not fight in 2020… I guarantee he will not fight in 2020.”

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