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Dana White not a fan of Conor McGregor’s post-fight message to Dustin Poirier

Dana White Conor McGregor

“Family has nothing to do with it.”

Dana White revealed that he is not a fan of fighters bringing opponents’ families into trash talk after Conor McGregor again referenced Dustin Poirier’s wife after the UFC 264 main event.

Despite losing his trilogy fight against Poirier after suffering a broken leg in the first round, McGregor had plenty to say to ‘The Diamond’ in the moments after the official result was announced.

Just as he did in the lead-up to the bout, McGregor dragged Poirier’s wife into the trash talk and invited Jolie Poirier to his afterparty in Las Vegas.

“Your wife is in my DMs!” McGregor roared at Poirier as the American made his way out of the Octagon.

Dana White not a fan of Conor McGregor’s taunts about Dustin Poirier’s wife

“Hey baby, hit me back up and I’ll chat to you later on. I’ll be at the afterparty at the Wynn Nightclub, baby. You look in bits, you little ho!”

White insisted he didn’t hear the specifics of what McGregor had to say after the fight but he was informed by reporters at the post-fight press conference.

The UFC President made it clear that he was not a fan of McGregor’s very personal approach to trash talk.

“I don’t like that. That’s not good,” White said at the post-fight presser.

“Leave people’s families and wives and all that stuff out of it. Family has nothing to do with it.”

Poirier revealed that he was less bothered by McGregor’s taunts about his wife than he was about the Irishman’s desire to kill him in the Octagon on Saturday night.

While a lightweight title shot is next up for Poirier, ‘The Diamond’ is determined to fight McGregor again and bring a more decisive conclusion to their rivalry.

“We are going to fight again whether it’s in the Octagon or on the sidewalk,” Poirier said. “You don’t say the stuff he said.

“My wife is solid as a rock, I’m not worried about that. That’s noise. He was saying he was going to kill me, you don’t say stuff like that. He was saying he was going to murder me, you don’t say stuff like that.

“You don’t say stuff about people’s wives either but I know that’s zero chance. But there is a chance that somebody could die and you don’t say that. You don’t wish that on anybody.”

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