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Conor McGregor wants knockdown record re-examined as he clarifies definition

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor seems to be focusing on his legacy ahead of his return to the Octagon.

Hopeful of leaving the most enduring legacy possible when he officially retires, Conor McGregor is demanding that a particular fight of his is re-examined so that he can be awarded another record.

McGregor discussed the notion of knockdowns in title fights on Tuesday night and the Irishman couldn’t understand why his penultimate knockdown of Eddie Alvarez wasn’t recorded as one by statisticians.

Seconds later, McGregor finished Alvarez to claim the UFC lightweight championship but he is not quite satisfied with the result as he wants to be awarded another record.

Speaking of the above moment, McGregor tweeted: “With this scored, I would have not only the record for ‘Fastest KO in a UFC title fight’, I’d have the record for ‘Most Knockdowns’ in one too.”

When asked if the same logic could be applied to his 2013 clash with Max Holloway, McGregor rejected suggestions that he was dropped by the Hawaiian.

McGregor insisted that it was his knee injury rather than the kick from Holloway that knocked him down in the below clip.

McGregor responded: “No. I fully ruptured my left ACL the round before this. The kick almost has me put weight onto that left leg.

“With no stability in it, I jump to the right leg, ending in a type of pistol squat, to save any weight being put on the ruptured leg, which would’ve caused it to crumble.”

McGregor is of the opinion that if a fighter has three points of contact on the ground after being struck by a shot to the head or body then it should be scored as a knockdown.

By that rationale, McGregor admitted that he was knocked down by Khabib Nurmagomedov in the second round of their grudge match at UFC 229, even though that wasn’t recorded as a knockdown either.

But ‘The Notorious’ would be quite happy to accept that knockdown against him if he is given the record for most knockdowns in a UFC title fight against Alvarez.

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