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Conor McGregor sends advice to Diego Sanchez before deleting Joshua Fabia criticism

“This is just madness!”

Conor McGregor has urged Diego Sanchez to part company with coach Joshua Fabia in a string of deleted tweets on Friday night.

Fabia has come in for considerable criticism in recent weeks after his behaviour as coach to MMA legend Sanchez resulted in the UFC’s decision to part company with the TUF 1 cast member.

Old footage of Fabia training Sanchez resurfaced on social media this weekend and was slammed by many in the MMA community, including McGregor.

The clip features Fabia slapping and kicking Sanchez as he hangs upside down in a gym.

Responding to the video, McGregor advised Sanchez to remove Fabia from his life.

“This is just madness! I’ll break this things nose in half. This not the move Diego, my bro,” McGregor wrote on Twitter before deleting the post.

McGregor Fabia

McGregor on Fabia

“I been with ye the whole way, and still am. But this is not on. It was unfair treatment by commentary and fans on your last performance imo, for sure. But not on this guy, 0-0. Ditch.”

Recent footage showed Fabia arguing with the UFC’s broadcast team for how they portray Sanchez but the dispute only served to further damage his reputation as a coach.

Sanchez was scheduled to fight Donald Cerrone on Saturday night but the recent controversies involving Fabia ultimately led the UFC to pull Sanchez from the bout and release him from the roster.

Due to Fabia’s unorthodox training techniques and unusual manner of dealing with the UFC – including recently demanding Sanchez’s medical records for every one of his fights with the promotion – many believe that Sanchez would be better off without Fabia.

“I’m actually on the side of body hardening work also,” McGregor continued. “Work the body etc. But doing it hanging upside down, and getting the dome of the head struck repeatedly, while covering vision, is preposterous!

“Grab this guy by the ears and head butt him at his front door first thing.

“I watched the engagement with the broadcast team with an open minded judgement and an understanding that there was disrespectful comments made against you. You were right to pull this up. But the other guy took over the convo. Made it all about him. This is not his story Diego.

“Box his nose in and ditch him.”

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