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Conor McGregor Questions Leave Darren Till and Robert Whittaker Absolutely Baffled

Conor McGregor

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Nobody was expecting Conor McGregor’s name to pop up during a virtual media day ahead of this weekend’s UFC event on Fight Island.

Both headliners, Darren Till and Robert Whittaker, were left nonplussed when one reporter on the video call asked questions about the most unlikely of potential bouts, against McGregor.

Darren Till has spoken about McGregor in the past, when the Scouser was competing at welterweight and McGregor was making sporadic trips up to 170lbs, but the days of that fight being a possibility appear to be long gone.

That didn’t stop one reporter using his chance to speak to Till by saying: “I don’t think you can do a press conference without Conor McGregor’s name being mentioned so let’s say at the end of this, you’re victorious on Saturday and Dana White says ‘Middleweight championship or Conor McGregor at Anfield with a sold-out crowd.’ Which would you prefer?”

A visibly baffled Till responded: “The middleweight title. Conor McGregor is a lightweight. He’s two weights below me.”

Till’s reaction alone makes the video above worth watching.

Whittaker, who faces Till in a middleweight clash on Saturday night, was similarly puzzled by hearing McGregor’s name but ever the professional, the former UFC middleweight champion dismissed it with a polite: “I think you’ve got those mucked up a little bit.”

Even if McGregor was still an active fighter on the UFC roster, it would be hard to envision him sharing the Octagon with either Whittaker or Till, both of whom look right at home at 185lbs.

Either the above was a massively successful troll job or somebody failed to do his research.

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