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Colby Covington tells Conor McGregor to ‘go away’ after welterweight plans emerge

Conor McGregor

Colby Covington has dismissed Conor McGregor’s plans to jump up to welterweight in the hope of winning a UFC title in a third weight class.

Last week, Conor McGregor revealed that he intends to see out 2021 at lightweight, with his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier scheduled for UFC 264 this summer.

The winner of the July 10 rubber match between McGregor and Poirier will likely earn a title shot at 155lbs and ‘The Notorious’ is confident of reclaiming the lightweight belt before the year is out.

Conor McGregor

If successful with his 155lbs plan, McGregor then hopes to take on the welterweight division and potentially set up a super-fight against Kamaru Usman. 

Usman has looked nothing short of dominant since his UFC debut and he is expected to defend his 170lbs title in a rematch against long-time rival Colby Covington.

Covington, who was stopped by Usman in 2019, has laughed off McGregor’s ability to become a contender at welterweight and told the Irishman to “go away” in his inimitable style.

“I think it’s laughable. It’s comical. I mean, you just got sparked by Dustin ‘Soirier’ [Poirier]. Go ask Dustin about the times we used to train together,” Covington said on Submission Radio.

“This guy, he used to cry in the gym. He’d lay in the gym crying, he’d tell his coach Mike Brown, ‘Oh man, Colby’s so tough I can’t stop him. Why is he so good? Why is his pace too much and I quit like a little bitch?’

“So he just got sparked by Dustin so sit the fuck down ‘Con Man’ McGregor.

Conor McGregor

“You couldn’t even knock that old man off the stool. How you gonna knock off greatness in the greatest welterweight of all time?

“So I just think it’s funny, he’s just trying to put his name in the hat, keep some hype out there like he’s actually a winnable fighter.

“Dude, the guy has nothing left man. You made all your money. You cashed out. You’re not hungry, we get it guy.

“Just go away, fade away off in the driftness man. Leave this to the guys that are still hungry and motivated.”

McGregor has fought at welterweight on three occasions, winning two and losing one of his bouts at 170lbs.

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