UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira claims Conor McGregor ‘deserves standing ovation’

Charles Oliveira Conor McGregor

“The guy influences millions of people and earns millions of dollars whether he wins or loses.”

Charles Oliveira might not agree with with the way that Conor McGregor sells fights but the UFC lightweight champion has nothing but respect for the Irishman.

Oliveira was in attendance for last weekend’s UFC 264 card, when McGregor suffered a horrific leg break during his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier.

Oliveira had sympathy for the way that McGregor’s night ended on Saturday but the UFC’s 155lbs king was eager to avoid discussing the fight too much, particularly after McGregor’s post-fight threats to Poirier and his family.

“It’s boring to talk about this fight. I, Charles, see all fighters as workers who were born to do this,” Oliveira told Super Lutas.

“So, I treat everyone well, when the fight is over I hug, kiss, thank you for the affection and the opportunity. I watched the UFC (card) from beginning to end. And, the way Conor lost, it was painful. If he got knocked out or knocked out Dustin, it would be a show.”

Oliveira holds the utmost respect for McGregor for what he’s achieved in the sport of mixed martial arts, with the Irishman credited for raising the ceiling with regards to UFC fighter pay.

Charles Oliveira on Conor McGregor

Oliveira is expected to defend his lightweight title against Poirier next although he admitted that he anticipates a fourth fight between McGregor and Poirier when ‘The Notorious’ recovers from his leg injury, with UFC President Dana White revealing that it could take a full year for the Irishman to return.

“Conor deserves a standing ovation,” Oliveira continued. “I don’t like the way he sells the fight, the way he talks.

“But as an athlete, he’s a giant. The guy influences millions of people and earns millions of dollars whether he wins or loses.

“He’s a guy who puts money in a lot of people’s pockets. Everyone wants to fight him because they knows they’re going to make money.

“Unfortunately, he lost the way he did and will be sidelined. He said it will take six weeks to return. I’m sure when he comes back he’ll fight Dustin Poirier again. He has my respect.”

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