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Watch: Former UFC Champion Bas Rutten Believes Conor McGregor Has The Mental Edge Ahead Of UFC 196

Bas Rutten

The legendary MMA commentators discussed the upcoming blockbuster between Conor McGregor and Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC 196.

Bas Rutten is always well worth listening to. The Dutchman defeated the late, great Kevin Randleman for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, has been rightly anointed the King of Pancrase, and is the proprietor of the greatest instructional self-defense video ever conceived.

Bas joined Joe Rogan on the latest ‘Experience’ podcast, and ‘El Guapo’ sung Conor McGregor’s praises.

In response to Rogan calling the Irishman the “best shit-talker of all time”, Rutten could only say “I’m in love with the guy”.

“I love him, I love everything about him. He’s funny, every speech he does is different – it’s not like he’s repeating everything. He’s got great reflexes, his timing is really good and he’s using his reach really well.”

McGregor’s recreation of El Chapo’s photo-op with actor Sean Penn then raised some laughs from the duo.

mcgregor el chapo dos anjos

Pic via ABC News/Youtube
Pic via ABC News/Youtube

Jokes aside, Rutten believes that Conor McGregor’s antics have reaped dividends to date, and that they’ll do so again ahead of UFC 196.

“He gets in everybody’s head”, he told Rogan.

“That’s why he beat [Jose] Aldo. You could tell! Everybody can say ‘ah no I’m used to that, I grew up on the streets’, Rafael Dos Anjos says that also, but eventually it’s gonna come through.

You gotta start doing something back.”

One the other hand, Rogan believes that the ‘strong, stoic’ Brazilian has learned from the traumatic experience that Aldo suffered at UFC 194. Either way, we’re about to find out.

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Author: Chris Kelleher

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