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UFC Heavyweight Champion Would Have “Slapped” Conor McGregor For His Conference Antics

Fabricio Werdum wasn’t happy with Conor McGregor’s constant trash talk of his compatriot Rafael Dos Anjos during the week.

The UFC 197 Press Conference entertained and enthralled in equal measure – Conor “El Chapo” McGregor went into overdrive opposite his next opponent, Rafael Dos Anjos.

While observers laughed and gasped, Dos Anjos had to sit there and maintain composure while being interrupted and called a traitor, amongst a dozen other insults.

Fabricio Werdum, for one, told MMAFighting that he wouldn’t have been able to do likewise, and commended his countryman’s temperament.

“When [reporters] had a question for Rafael and he talked over him, this is no good,” Werdum said.

“If it was my opponent, I would do this [Werdum makes a slapping gesture], I’d say ‘be quiet.’ But that’s not Rafael’s personality. He’s a smart guy, okay, he controls himself, he just thinks about the fight. It’s very important to respect.

Fabricio Werdum faces Cain Velasquez next month at UFC 196.
Fabricio Werdum faces Cain Velasquez next month at UFC 196.

You have your space, I have my space. We have a fight, why do you touch me before. I thought Conor McGregor wasn’t showing respect. It’s not good. If he does it to me, he has a big problem. It think it’s very important he respects my space and I respect his space.”

If anything, it gives an insight into the effect that Conor McGregor’s trash talk can have, even on a non-opponent. His harsh, obnoxious attacks are done with the intent of eliciting reactions such as Werdum’s.

The fact that it keeps on working (although Dos Anjos has remained somewhat resolute to date) is a testament to McGregor’s strategy and it’s execution. It also adds yet another pissed off Brazilian to the Irishman’s list, which compounds the persona he’s worked years to cultivate.

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Author: Chris Kelleher

Student whose interests lie in sports ranging from Darts to MMA, with the likes of Golf, Boxing and Soccer in between. Closet wrestling fan and a lover of sports psychology and stiff jabs.