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UFC President Dana White To Meet With Floyd Mayweather’s Team Today

Despite Floyd Mayweather’s declaration last week, UFC president Dana White refuses to let the massive crossover rumours die.

White had told ESPN on December 20th that he and the 50-0 pugilist were in “talks” over an extraordinary move to the Octagon. Although UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor did step across the divide to box Mayweather back in August, no-one expected the nine-figure earning boxer to reciprocate, despite some of his taunts.

That same day however, Mayweather told FightHype that his comments in a fan Q&A stream about a billion dollar contract with the UFC were hypothetical – a case of “I could”, rather than “I would”.

“I’m not doing it, but I’m saying what I could do to make a billion dollars quick. I never said I was going to fight in the UFC. Would and could do are different things – I’m not going to do it though.”

The story quickly dissipated, as normality (and perhaps reality) resumed.

Speaking on the topic for the first time since Mayweather’s refutation though, Dana White told Fox Sports’ Undisputed that he is to meet Floyd Mayweather’s ‘Money Team’ today, though the proprietor of ‘TMT’ might not be in attendance.

“I have a meeting with those guys today,” White told Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe (as first reported by TMZ). “With his crew, yes. I don’t think so [that he’s going]. I don’t know if he’s going to be there.”

“I said don’t count anything out about him coming over to the UFC, anything is possible. . .and I still don’t.”

When asked if another boxing match involving Floyd is in the works, White simply responded: “Well I’m interested in getting into boxing in 2018, so we’ll see.”

It’s possible that his ‘Zuffa Boxing’ project is the topic of conversation at today’s meeting, rather than being focused on Mayweather himself, though White is still adamant that the Floyd-to-UFC fairytale is still a possibility.

Zuffa, headed by Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, bought the UFC in 2001 and installed the omnipresent Dana White as its president. After a wildly successful fifteen years, they sold the MMA promotion to WME-IMG last year for $4bn.

Video below via TMZ.com

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