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More Details On Chiesa’s Lawsuit Against McGregor Emerge In Report

While Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor await the outcome of sanctions from UFC 229, the latter still has repercussions to face from earlier in the year.

McGregor’s attack on a bus in New York prior to UFC 223 saw Michael Chiesa emerge as the most high profile fighter affected, to the point where he was unable to compete that weekend.

Indeed, TMZ are reporting that he claims he was asked to replace Max Holloway in the main event before Al Iaquinta was decided upon – a massive opportunity that was taken away from him if true.

That loss of revenue has been added to Chiesa damage claims in his ongoing lawsuit against McGregor, per TMZ.

The outlet states that Chiesa is citing a New York law, ‘Son of Sam’, which prevents someone from profiting from criminal activity and instead gives any gains made to victims. McGregor’s statement in a press conference that he wanted to injure Nurmagomedov is being used as an admission of premeditated intent.

“By his own admission, [McGregor] engaged in the aforementioned conduct and acts with the premeditated intent and purpose of inflicting severe personal injuries and/or murdering Nurmagomedov, and sought to promote his brand and profit from his criminal activity”, TMZ quote the lawsuit as stating.

A figure of around $50m, from McGregor’s disclosed pay, pay-per-view money, and Proper Twelve whiskey promotion for UFC 229, is the amount that is reportedly in play.

For their part, the McGregor camp are said to be arguing that Chiesa wasn’t the intended target, while a spokesperson was more dismissive of the case in speaking to TMZ Sports.

“This complaint is a routine but sad attempt to grab publicity in a case that should have been resolved months ago. We are pleased that Chiesa’s quick recovery allows him to continue fighting.”

The Ultimate Fighter 15 winner is scheduled to face Carlos Condit at UFC 232 in a week’s time.

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