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Frankie Edgar’s Manager Goes Off On ‘Big Mouthed Leprechaun’ Conor McGregor

Ali Abdelaziz slammed Conor McGregor on Instagram after Conor claimed that Edgar was weaker than Chad Mendes on the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter.

The Instagram post shows how rattled Abdel-Aziz really is by Conor McGregor’s comments – playing straight into The ‘Notorious” hands as a result.

During one of their many back and forths, Urijah Faber brought up the topic of Frankie Edgar, prompting McGregor to dismiss him – calling The ‘Answer’ a weaker version of Chad Mendes – whom McGregor beat at UFC 189.

Here’s the rant in full.

Hey @thenotoriousmma you big mouthed leprechaun. You said on TUF that Frankie Edgar is weak.

The only reason you still haven’t lost in the ufc is because Dana and Lorenzo made a business decision and made sure you haven’t fought frankie yet. Frankie would smash you on his worst day. When Aldo dropped out you know that they gave you chad instead of frankie because frankie is always in shape and would put a hole in your head.

They wanted to make more money off of you. After Dec 12 you will be irrelevant. I think you are a smart guy but talking shit about frankie isn’t smart. You might be fighting him soon and the more you talk the more of an ass whooping you will get.

I normally don’t talk trash because I respect all fighters but when you talk about my brother your gonna get it. Family sticks together.


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