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Frankie Edgar’s Coach Blasts Conor McGregor For Not Fighting Men ‘His Own Size’

In a rather salty response to the announcement of Conor McGregor’s lightweight title fight, Mark Henry has continued the Edgar camp’s war on the Irishman.

Frankie Edgar can certainly feel aggrieved at having to wait until July at the earliest to get a shot at the UFC featherweight championship, but these latest comments from his boxing coach reek of desperation.

While the Jersey fighter is slated to face Conor McGregor for the 145 lb. belt at UFC 200, recently dethroned champion Jose Aldo is also in the reckoning for a potential rematch.

This rant therefore represents an attempt to keep ‘The Answer’ in the spotlight, and the uncharacteristic behaviour of both the fighter and his camp shows the influence that McGregor now has over the promotions’ top fighters.

In it, Mark Henry claims that Conor McGregor is more scared than ‘99%’ of fighters of competing at his perceived natural weight, and that he therefore cuts obscene amounts of weight to fight at 145lbs. due to ‘fear’.

I mean walking 175-180 fighting at 155 takes a brave man. When you say 99 % of people couldn’t make the weight cut Conner makes to 145 your right, because 99 % of the fighters aren’t as scared as Conner to have to drop that much weight. Fear could will a man to do amazing things. Now why don’t you drop the security blanket and leave the 145 pd belt and go full blown BIG BOY.

The tirade follows numerous others from Henry himself, Edgar’s manager Ali Abdelaziz, and the man himself. Encouraging Conor McGregor to stay at 155lbs. is odd – if Edgar were to meet Conor at that weight class instead, the Irishman wouldn’t have to cut that insane level of weight.

Plus, as pointed out by Henry, Edgar’s walking weight was an astonishing 156lbs. when he won the 155lb. title in 2010.

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