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Frankie Edgar Reveals Fascinating Conor McGregor 145 Rumour

‘The Answer’ surprisingly doesn’t blame Conor McGregor if he is unable to defend his featherweight championship at UFC 200.

As he told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Frankie Edgar has heard ‘rumours’ that since his move to 155lbs., and subsequent move to 170 (necessitated by Rafael Dos Anjos’ injury), Conor McGregor can’t cut enought weight to defend his 145lb. strap in the future.

“If Conor fought at 170 in the summer [presumably at UFC 200], would you like him to relinquish the 145 title?”, Helwani asked.

“They have to let that go. You can’t just hold this weight class up hostage like that for that long”, Edgar said in response.

Edgar was passed over as Dos Anjos' replacement at UFC 196 due to injury
Edgar was passed over as Dos Anjos’ replacement at UFC 196 due to injury

“The rumors are he probably can’t make 145 again. I mean, the guy cut a boatload to be the biggest guy in there. And now, if you can’t make the weight, it’s not his problem. He’s too big. Just let it go, and maybe we’ll meet at 155 down the road. Who knows?”

Edgar is a former UFC lightweight champion himself and would relish a 155 tilt, which would explain his understanding, rational stance on the issue, as opposed to the disgust he has felt towards the Irishman and UFC President Dana White in recent weeks.

The so-called rumours themselves seem plausible. Seeing the look on McGregor’s face as he tucks into actual food like a normal person on UFC Embedded suggests that he views a move back down to 145 as palatable as the lentil diet that would accompany it.

The discussion starts at 42.40 below.

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Author: Chris Kelleher

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