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Duane Ludwig: Urijah Faber Upset Because McGregor ‘Punked’ Him On TUF

TJ Dillashaw’s coach Duane Ludwig attributes Urijah Faber’s latest actions to Conor McGregor’s jibes on The Ultimate Fighter.

Ludwig left Team Alpha Male TAM in May 2014 to focus on growing his own gym, BANG Muay Thai. Dillashaw duly followed last week – leaving TAM to join Elevation Fight Team in Colorado, where he will be spending a lot more time with the aforementioned coach.

Ludwig claims that the eccentric Irishman has contributed to the TAM head honcho banning former member TJ Dillashaw from the team for good.

Faber did so after a bitter row between the pair last week, and Ludwig has his own theory on what’s engineering the ongoing feud, via

“So let him [Urijah] do this thing and let him ride his drama wave,” Ludwig stated.

“He’s just wrapped up in drama mode from being punked on the show from Conor so much. Conor really got in his head, so he’s trying to take it out on me and then it’s just overspilling. It’s just escalating. Just put the brakes on it, man. Nobody needs this right now. …

It’s super unfortunate that Faber kicked Dillashaw out. I don’t think that’s quite supportive or being a friend. I think we should all be working together, especially as martial artists. And for anyone to close the door on somebody else just isn’t fair. I don’t think that’s ethical. It’s his decision, but I don’t think it’s best for T.J. and the guys. They should be working together.

Dillashaw has found the situation particularly difficult, saying:

“I will always be Team Alpha Male family, in my mind, as long as everyone else feels that way. It’s a super tough subject for me to even talk about, I mean I want to cry right now.”

Urijah Faber and Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig haven’t seen eye to eye previously either.

The ‘California Kid’ previously accused his former coach of being both racist and sexist on The MMA Hour – accusations that were subsequently denied by Ludwig.

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Author: Chris Kelleher

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