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Dana White Very Unhappy With De La Hoya Bringing Liddell Back

The UFC President has had his say on the controversial main event that took place over the weekend.

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya has been in the promotion business for years, but his Golden Boy Promotions creation has been restricted to the squared circle until now.

His foray into MMA started with GBP’s inaugural MMA event at the weekend, with the headline bout featuring long-time rivals Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz.

While Ortiz has stayed relatively active since his departure from the UFC in 2012, this was Liddell’s first bout in eight and a half years after a run that saw him suffer brutal KO defeats in four of his last five defeats.

And it showed on Saturday night. Concerns were raised in the build-up as ‘The Iceman’ looked a shadow of his former self, and the fight itself was a harrowing experience to watch.

Fans, pundits, and even fighters expressed their horror at the four and a half minute disaster, with Chuck losing in violent fashion.

Among those to share their disgust was Dana White. As he told the hosts of UFC Unfiltered, White blasted De La Hoya (making numerous references to his alleged use of cocaine) and also reserved some fury for the California State Athletic Commission for sanctioning the fight to begin with.

“I heard last week, the cokehead, Oscar De La Weirdo, is talking shit, saying that I don’t have any place to tell guys when to retire,” White ranted. “First of all, it’s called friendship, you fucking cokehead.

“I’ve been friends with Chuck Liddell for 20 years. And, the reality is Chuck Liddell retired when he should have retired, eight, nine years ago, however long it was.”

Indeed, when Liddell lost to Rich Franklin in 2010, White offered the now 48-year-old the position of Vice President of Business Development within the UFC. Even as UFC President, he also joined the PRIDE FC commentary team when Liddell fought ‘Rampage’ Jackson in Japan under that promotion.

“Chuck Liddell is almost 50 years old and has no business fighting anymore,” White continued. “The fact the state of California let that fight happen is disgusting.

“Anybody who claims to be a friend of Chuck Liddell and was anywhere near this fight is full of shit. They’re not a friend of Chuck Liddell. To let him go in and fight this fight is terrible.

I hope somebody talks De La Hoya into fighting again, and I hope he gets knocked the fuck out just like Chuck Liddell was in the first round. Fucking cokehead nutball.”

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Author: Chris Kelleher

Student whose interests lie in sports ranging from Darts to MMA, with the likes of Golf, Boxing and Soccer in between. Closet wrestling fan and a lover of sports psychology and stiff jabs.