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Dana White Has Finally Addressed The Frank Fertitta Belt Controversy

White and McGregor on FOX's 'UFC Tonight'

Dana White spoke to the Boston Herald recently ahead of next week’s UFC Fight Night on Fox Sports, and responded to the Frank Fertitta conspiracies.

The UFC president has kept schtum up until now on footage back at UFC 194 purporting to show Frank Fertitta, owner of Zuffa LLC (which runs the UFC itself), slamming the title belt down upon Conor McGregor’s knockout of Jose Aldo.

Some observers believed that Frank Fertitta and co. were hoping Jose Aldo would win the fight. It’s theorised that this is down to McGregor wanting a “nine-figure” contract, as he told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

Some say he lost a high-stakes bet, while others simply think that the Zuffa head was just disappointed that the bout ended so soon after so much hype and advertising.

In an interview with the Boston Herald though, Dana White laughed off the conroversy.

“Frank Fertitta is a (expletive) moose, OK? He’ll flip tables over and everything else,” White exclaimed. “It wasn’t anything negative or positive. It was just his reaction to Jose Aldo getting knocked out in one punch, you know?”

While it’s an emphatic and direct response from White, rumours of a rocky relationship between McGregor and UFC top brass won’t abide just yet, especially if the Irishman seeks even larger numbers.

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