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Brendan Schaub Explains Why Conor McGregor Should Fight For No Less Than $20m

The former UFC heavyweight believes that Conor McGregor should capitalise on his success and hold the promotion to ransom for ten-figures.

While co-hosting The Fighter and the Kid, a weekly MMA podcast for Fox Sports, Schaub was asked how he’d proceed as Conor McGregor’s (hypothetical) manager after the Irishman’s accomplishments at UFC 194.

Addressing whether The Notorious should move up to lightweight, the former pro football player had this to say:

“You know what I’d do if I’m Conor McGregor? I wouldn’t do shit”, Schaub stated.

“With Ronda losing, with Jon Jones’ problems, with all these champs losing, I’m not doing shit until you give me twenty million to fight. I’m the biggest star [in the UFC] by far, it’s not even remotely close anymore.”

“Who else you got – Cain/Werdum? Get the f**k outta here.

Oh and Reebok? I want a percentage of my own s**t, and not the same amount as everyone else.”

The dead Presidents are stacking up for the Irishman.
The dead Presidents are stacking up for the Irishman.

Schaub then alludes to the rumours of a rift between Conor and UFC top brass. Following this recent footage, Conor may well be seeking his fair share from Dana White and co.

“Stick to your guns, Conor”, he pleads.

“We finally have someone with power, someone bigger than the UFC. Everyone else is playing patty-cake – Conor’s a f****ng legend now!”

You won’t find any disagreement from the man himself.

(You can see the discussion at the 40 minute mark).

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Author: Chris Kelleher

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