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Watch: Skip Bayless Outrageously Claims Ref Saved Mayweather From Being Finished By McGregor In Round 9

Skip Bayless has outrageously claimed that referee Robert Byrd saved Floyd Mayweather from being finished after taking a body shot in the ninth round of his matchup last weekend with Conor McGregor.

Skip Bayless is a funny one. It’s pretty clear to see that neither he nor his co-host Shannon Sharpe bring any real expert opinion on the subject of combat sports to their popular FS1 show ‘Skip & Shannon: Undisputed’ but despite that fact, they still insist on holding debates on virtually anything that involves the ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor and more recently, his record-breaking matchup with Floyd Mayweather.

Now everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course, but lately, Bayless, in particular, caught some massive criticism when he so dramatically misinformed his viewers about McGregor’s UFC 196 defeat to Nate Diaz last year, showing a complete and utter lack of knowledge about the sport of mixed martial arts while doing his best attempt at an authoritative voice.

It’s pretty hilarious to count exactly how many pieces of false info you can spot in that thirty second clip but once again, Bayless has managed to attract some less than desirable attention after he made a rather outrageous claim about Conor McGregor’s unsuccessful attempt to hand Mayweather his first ever loss last weekend.

Of course, the bout itself was widely praised and the Irishman earned himself the respect of the masses but still, I doubt you’ll hear him making too much noise about this latest theory, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone really bites on this shamelessly sensationalist dribble.

“Conor bounced back shockingly and won round eight and so here we went into round nine and are you ready for the robbery? [As he plays footage of round nine’s opening exchange] The commentators on SHOWTIME are screaming that Floyd is in trouble. Mauro Ranallo and Al Bernstein are screaming ‘Floyd’s hurt, Floyd’s hurt, Floyd’s in trouble’ and all of a sudden, Robert Byrd goes in and breaks it up.”

“He had just won round eight, so going into round nine he had gained the momentum and I am screaming ‘finish him’ and Robert Byrd breaks it up, lets Floyd reset and lets them start again in the middle of the ring because Robert Byrd said it was a low blow. Where? I don’t see any low blows. He hit him in the side [of his body] with a big shot. That’s not a low blow. That’s legal.”

“Conor was so upset that he threw a left-hand over the ref. He was upset because he got screwed, he got robbed. He could have put him away in the corner.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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