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Watch: Brendan Schaub Breaks Mould, Explains Why McGregor Needs To Defend His Belt

Former UFC heavyweight and self-professed ‘Conor McGregor-fanboy’ Brendan Schaub gave his own views on what the Irishman should do next.

Schaub has managed to rub quite a few people up the wrong way over the years as a result of his sometimes ill-informed and always loud-mouthed comments on the world of MMA.

As a former UFC heavyweight and Ultimate Fighter-finalist, Schaub managed to get out of the sport before it cost him dearly when his friend and long-time UFC commentator Joe Rogan convinced him, live during an episode his popular Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, that it would be in his interests to leave mixed martial arts entirely and focus his efforts on his blossoming career in show business.

Now, with his own popular podcast the Fighter and the Kid now in full swing, Schaub has used his platform to make regular comments on the landscape of MMA and has gained himself some notoriety as one of the biggest and most outspoken fans of the UFC’s lightweight champion, Conor McGregor.

Of course, the very fact that Schaub has taken a liking to the ‘Notorious One’ is nothing to write home about but in a recent segment analysing the events of last weekend’s UFC 216, ‘Big Brown’ managed to break the mould ever-so-slightly by questioning how McGregor’s next move would affect the integrity of his UFC run as a whole.

The constant allure of signing to fight Nate Diaz in what would be their third fight has recently been a constant shadow looming over the lightweight division but now, with Tony Ferguson crowned as the definitive next opponent for Conor at 155lbs, many are wondering exactly how the Irishman will choose to approach this one.

“Dana [White] said that the next fight in the lightweight division is Conor McGregor. Maybe, if Conor wants to do that, but Conor has all of the power in the world. It does not matter what Tony, Dana or anyone says, Conor is going to do exactly what he wants to do.

“Are we looking at this as entertainment or are we looking at this as sport? What’s going to get more numbers? Probably Conor vs Nate. What fight makes more sense? Conor vs Tony Ferguson. And I think it’s a good match-up for both of them.

“If marketed right, I think Tony and Conor is a better fight, there’s more on the line. I think it’s way more legit. Tony Ferguson, ten in a row, the best lightweight on the planet against Conor McGregor, the biggest superstar ever to fight in the UFC.

“You guys know me, I’m the biggest Conor-d**k-rider in the world but even me, it’s time for him to defend his belt at lightweight. I want to see him fight Diaz too, I don’t have a problem with that, but, how many of these are we going to do?”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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