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Watch: Rogan & Schaub On Why McGregor Should Bring A Fight With Malignaggi To Croke Park

Joe Rogan spoke to Brendan Schaub on a recent edition of his Fight Companion podcast and made the argument that Conor McGregor’s most lucrative option in this post-Money Fight world may be one found in his hometown.

A famous Irishman with an even more famous mouth once remarked that options were a good thing in the fight game and here, in the year 2017, there is no one alive who holds more options than Conor McGregor.

His pro-boxing debut, of course, ended in defeat for him but now, after him earning the respect of the masses through his efforts, the floodgates have opened and Conor has found himself with a myriad of potential opponents to choose from, both in boxing and his home-sport of MMA.

A trilogy fight with Nate Diaz seems to be the most likely scenario, all things considered.

But recently, in the latest edition of his Fight Companion podcast, the UFC’s colour-commentator Joe Rogan – along with the Fighter and the Kid’s Brendan Schaub – put forth the notion that now, given Conor’s immense pulling power within the UFC, he may, in fact, be able to wriggle his way out of his contract.

They felt that McGregor could use his own platform at the head of McGregor Promotions to make a boxing match-up with Paulie Malignaggi a reality.

Rogan and his guest Schaub, then go one step further by claiming that not only should he take the Malignaggi fight and the undoubtedly larger payday and PPV revenue it would promise, but he should also stage the fight on more familiar turf, namely in Croke Park in his hometown of Dublin.

“I say you let Conor fight Paulie Malignaggi in Dublin.”

“See if I’m Conor and I have McGregor Promotions I’m going, ‘wait a second, I’m going to fight this monster Nate Diaz and you want to pay me 10 mil and wear Reeboks? Or I’m going to go take on Paulie in Dublin and sell this 70,000 [seat] stadium out and I’m just going to take all of it.”

Now we all know the immense struggles that will come with getting a Conor McGregor-fight into Ireland’s most famous stadium, but when you think about the absolutely insane spectacle a fight like that would deliver – as well the international interest it would provoke, perhaps the correct pieces will fit into place and the people of the Irish capital will get the opportunity to see their brightest star compete on his home soil once again.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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