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Watch: Michael Bisping Inducted Into The UFC Hall Of Fame

The legendary former UFC middleweight champion of the world was honoured by the UFC in his home-country last night.

Mid-way through the UFC London main-card, a moment was taken to celebrate the career of the Manchester-native Michael Bisping.

As one of the trailblazers for both the British and European mixed martial arts scenes, virtually no-one thought he could finally earn himself a UFC title by the time his so-called athletic prime had passed.

As one of the division’s perennial contenders, Bisping managed to come through with one of the most extraordinary late-career drives we have ever seen in the sport, beating the former-champ Anderson Silva in his hometown before knocking out the heavily-favoured Luke Rockhold to win the title.

From Ultimate Fighter winner to UFC champion, Michael Bisping deserves respect for never once giving up on his desire to be one of the greats!

Directly afterwards, The Count admitted that he had absolutely no idea that he was being inducted and had to force him to keep it together in front of a crowd of his countrymen.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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