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Watch: Coach Reveals Chilling Text McGregor Sent Him Following Mayweather Fight Announcement

John Kavanagh has revealed the amazing text his star pupil sent him following the announcement that he would be facing Floyd Mayweather in Vegas on August 26.

If you needed any more proof that Conor McGregor is an absolute badass then look no further.

The bond between coach and fighter can often be what makes or breaks a career at certain stages. And though we have seen some truly special partnerships emerge over the years, right now in the world of MMA there is perhaps no duo out there who sum up that unique bond better than the UFC’s lightweight champion and his coach, the ‘Godfather of Irish MMA’ John Kavanagh.

For years the two have trained together in Dublin’s SBG Ireland and though at this stage they have seen it all together, this weekend they will step into a world that is unlike anything they have faced before as Conor attempts to achieve the impossible by defeating the unbeaten boxer Floyd Mayweather in what will be his own pro debut.

Kavanagh, as is tradition, appeared on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani as he usually does on the Monday before Conor fights and at one truly insightful point in the interview, told us a story about a chilling text message he received from McGregor just after this fight’s announcement back in June.

“I remember after the Diaz fight I told you something in confidence, I’ll tell you another thing in confidence today. How I heard about the fight being signed was really just a short message from Conor.

“He just said, ‘the man has made a grave error, this is going to be Bruce Lee shit. This is water becoming the cup.

“I initially read that and was like ‘oh, the Mayweather fight is actually on’, I didn’t quite believe it until then, so that blew me away. I don’t think it was until a couple of weeks later – or maybe days later – that I read [the message] again and kind of realised what he was saying about the ‘Bruce Lee water’ quote. The ruleset might change, the strategy might change but the fundamentals remain the same.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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