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Watch: Joe Rogan Declares That He Believes Jon Jones Amid Ongoing USADA Controversy

Joe Rogan has doubled down on his belief that Jon Jones did not knowingly take the substance that caused him to fail his post-UFC 214 USADA test.

Trust is not often something that can be won back overnight in most cases. Whether in your personal life or in your adoration of an idol, the rules stay the same. For the former light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones, however, the damage he has done to the trust that his fans have in him, while potentially irreperable, yes, doesn’t instantly make him guilty of every other accusation levelled at him over the course of his career.

Sure, when word came out that Jones had tested positive for the banned substance turinabol after UFC 214, the initial reaction was one of the shock and anger. But when the other details began to emerge about the timing of it all, something just didn’t feel right.

It’s easy to jump on Jon because of his past misdemeanours but in reality, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Indeed, we all know about his vices in life and in his recent CSAC hearing he did not do himself any favours with his blatant disregard for mandatory self-education, but to pop in a drug-test after what was meant to be the finest moment of your career on trace levels of a substance that didn’t show up in any of the tests surrounding the failed one is just plain odd.

We might be wrong. Some people are simply doomed to mess up every opportunity for redemption they earn, but in a recent episode of his The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast  Joe Rogan put it out there that he too believes that Jones did not intentionally ingest turinabol.

Watch the full segment below:

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