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Watch: Ferguson Fires Back With Bizarre Response To McGregor’s ‘Tony’ Tweet

Tony Ferguson has stayed true to form with his rather bizarre reply to Conor McGregor’s recent

UFC 216 saw the crowning of a new interim-lightweight champion in the shape of one Tony Ferguson, but despite the fact that interim-belts have become increasingly prominent in the modern day UFC, the strange thing about this one in particular is that no guarantee was given to its holder – Ferguson – that a shot at the undisputed strap would be next.

Conor McGregor’s reign atop the UFC’s lightweight division hasn’t exactly amount to much more than some dismissive trash-talking, a few press conferences and a foray into the world of boxing but now, with the presence of Ferguson and the eyes of the world waiting on his next decision, many do feel as though the time is now right for the Irishman to rein in the madness and defend the title he won so masterfully at UFC 205.

Following on from Ferguson’s win last weekend, one of the main attacks he used against the champ was the fact that he never once mentioned him by name – an over-exaggeration, yes, but true enough to be noted. Conor’s interest in ‘El Cucuy’ perhaps doesn’t compare to that of maybe fighting his great rival Khabib Nurmagomedov in Russia but sure enough, with the eyes of the MMA world waiting on his response to Tony’s win, McGregor took to Twitter and made a pretty humourous response to his division’s interim-champ.

And, of course, it all came with a rather blunt mention of the man in question’s name.

Now, following on from the ‘Notorious’ one’s viral call-out, Tony has responded with his own, characteristically wacky response


In keeping with the ‘gangster’ vibes being set out by the former-two weight world champ’s original tweet, Tony manages to go step further with a pretty bizarre montage of clips, one that is definitely worth at least a chuckle – even if you do stand on the side of Conor McGregor.

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