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Watch: Ferguson Claims He Aimed For Kevin Lee’s Staph Infection During Their UFC 216 Bout

The UFC’s interim-lightweight champion has claimed that he made a point of targetting his opponent’s rather glaring staph infection during his UFC 216 win last weekend.

UFC 216’s main event encounter between Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee left little doubt in the minds of those watching about who exactly was the most lethal lightweight on the planet when all was said and done.

Ferguson’s durability, cardio and overall technique managed to win it for him on the night against his admittedly green opponent Lee. During the fight, the ‘Motown Phenom’ visibly gassed out as it went on, many have been pointing to the rather-noticeable staph infection he came in with on the night.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan actually commented on it as the fighters entered the octagon and though Lee himself managed to do himself justice. Many have wondered at how exactly the fight would have panned out had the 25-year-old come out in the type of shape that had seen him win his last five on the trot.

Now, following his interim-title victory, Tony Ferguson spoke to TMZ Sports and actually admitted that he had made a conscious effort to target Kevin Lee’s clearly infected chest, something he had no issue with pointing out when asked about it in the aforementioned meeting with TMZ.

“I wasn’t sure what it was — something protruding from his chest. I was like, ‘Well sh*t, just aim for that sh*t.'”

At this level you have to take every advantage you can possibly acquire and while there will surely be those who have a problem with Tony’s approach, a fight is a fight and when those octagon doors close, everything and anything that can be done to achieve victory must be done – especially when there is a title on the line.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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