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Watch: Edson Barboza’s Top-3 Knockouts Ahead Of His Clash With Kevin Lee This Weekend

Enjoy the top-3 knockouts from one of MMA’s deadliest finishers, Edson Barboza, as he returns to the UFC octagon to face Kevin Lee at UFC Atlantic City this weekend.

Edson Barboza has been one of the lightweight division’s perennial contenders for several years now and while he hasn’t found himself in a title fight scenario to date in his UFC career, his reputation as one of the sport’s most powerful muay-thai practitioners has continued to make him one of the most feared matchups around.

Last time out at UFC 209 he found himself on the receiving end of a complete and utter beatdown at the hands of the current-champ Khabib Nurmagomedov but at UFC Atlantic City this weekend he has the opportunity to take out one of the division’s top prospects in Kevin Lee.

With that in mind, take a look at Edson Barboza’s top-3 UFC knockouts:

#3 – Edson Barboza vs Evan Dunham

Body kicks can be among the most difficult things to bounce back from when things get tough inside the octagon and with this beautiful TKO of Evan Dunham, Barboza proved that you don’t just need to watch your chin when he’s the one standing across from you. Dunham has been known as an incredibly game fighter for years but even he crumbled as soon as Edson’s perfectly placed kick landed.

#2 – Edson Barboza vs Beneil Dariush – March 11, 2017

The obvious path to victory against a technically sound striker of Barboza’s stature would, of course, be to shoot in and take him down but as Beneil Dariush found out last year, that can leave you open to a vicious knee to the face. The timing the Brazilian has was never in any doubt but this thunderous KO sent tremors through the lightweight division that were felt for weeks after it actually happened.

#1 – Edson Barboza vs Terry Etim – January 14, 2012

Was it ever going to be anything other than this delightful wheel kick that would end up on top for this one? Everyone knew exactly how vicious Barboza’s kicks were going into this fight but the audacity he displayed – not only by attempting the fight-ending kick – but managing to land it as cleanly upon his opponent’s chin as he did. It doesn’t just stand as the greatest knockout of Barboza’s career but it could well be considered one of the finest in the history of the sport.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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