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Watch: Darren Till Talks A 170lb Matchup With Conor McGregor Down The Line

Darren Till took a measured approach when responding to a question about his hopes of facing off against Conor McGregor in the future while speaking on an Irish MMA podcast recently.

Out of all of the talents that emerged from out of nowhere in 2017, there were perhaps none who did so in such an impressive fashion as Liverpool’s Darren Till, who stole the show at UFC Gdansk as he defeated the veteran Donald Cerrone by way of first-round knockout.

Till, who remains unbeaten, is a huge 170lb-r who possesses some undeniably high-level kickboxing and in his bout against ‘Cowboy’ was able to effectively shut down his legendary opponent in absolutely every exchange. Many had wondered at whether or not he was ready for the big-time following the fight’s announcement but with his stellar showing on that night, he announced his arrival into the welterweight picture and in doing so, set himself up for some potentially riveting contests in 2018.

Of course, like most fighters within 30lbs of him, Till made his interest in fighting the UFC’s lightweight champion Conor McGregor clear, but unlike virtually all others, remained grounded in his view that he is in no way attractive enough as a proposition for the Irishman to take on, something that is still a major factor in the Notorious one’s decision-making process.

Speaking to Irish MMA Podcast Obviously Fight Talk, Till explained his plans for domination over the course of the coming years and when asked about that certain Irishman, did not hesitate in calling himself the superior striker.

Whether or not McGregor will make the jump up to 170lbs again, however, remains to be seen.

The McGregor-related section of the interview begins at the 28:00 mark.

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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