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Watch: Coach Owen Roddy Reveals The Heartbreak Team McGregor Felt After Losing To Floyd Mayweather

Coach Owen Roddy of SBG Ireland spoke with the Late Late Show’s Ryan Tubridy and detailed the immense heartbreak he, Conor McGregor and his whole team felt after failing to hand Floyd Mayweather his first loss last weekend.

Coach Roddy is a man who is certainly no stranger to the big stage after the last few years but following up from August 26’s boxing extravaganza last weekend that featured his longtime teammate McGregor, the SBG Ireland striking coach experienced something that was perhaps unlike anything he will ever see again in combat sports.

McGregor, of course, put in a valiant ten-round shift against the unbeaten ‘Money’ Mayweather but succumbed to a barrage of strikes just two rounds out from the finish, forcing referee Robert Byrd to call the fight to a halt. For a man who was not expected to be even remotely competitive in what was his pro-boxing debut, Conor managed to come away from the ring that night with the respect of the masses.

His disappointment at the contest was apparent from the moment he was first handed the mic post-fight but in truth, the manner in which he handled himself in defeat managed to endear him even further to those in attendance and watching at home, as he graciously accepted his flaws that night and professed his desire to move on and learn from his shortcomings.

Now, following a period of understandable radio silence from the McGregor team, Conor released the following statement in which he broke down the experience while thanking both his fans and his team for their undeniable part in getting him to the big show.

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Just coming back around after a whirlwind couple of days. Thank you to all the fans for the support of the fight and the event! Without your support we as fighters are nothing so I thank you all! Thank you to my team of coaches and training partners! I had an amazing team and It truly was an amazing and enjoyable camp, and honestly I feel with just a little change in certain areas of the prep, we could have built the engine for 12 full rounds under stress, and got the better result on the night. Getting to 12 rounds alone in practice was always the challenge in this camp. We started slowly getting to the 12 and decreasing the stress in the rounds the closer it got to 12. I think for the time we had, 10 weeks in camp, it had to be done this way. If I began with a loaded 12 rounds under much stress I would have only hit a brick wall and lost progress as a result and potentially not made the fight. A little more time and we could have made the 12 cleanly, while under more stress, and made it thru the later rounds in the actual fight. I feel every decision we made at each given time was the correct decision, and I am proud of everyone of my team for what we done in the short time that we done it. 30 minutes was the longest I have fought in a ring or cage or anywhere. Surpassing my previous time of 25 minutes. I am happy for the experience and happy to take all these great lessons with me and implement them into my camp going forward. Another day another lesson! Congrats to Floyd on a well fought match. Very experienced and methodical in his work. I wish him well in retirement. He is a heck of a boxer. His experience, his patience and his endurance won him this fight hands down. I always told him he was not a fighter but a boxer. But sharing the ring with him he is certainly a solid fighter. Strong in the clinch. Great understanding of frames and head position. He has some very strong tools he could bring into an MMA game for sure. Here is a toast of whiskey to everyone involved in this event and everyone who enjoyed it! Thank you to you all! Onto the next one!

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Coach Roddy appeared on The Late Late Show recently and told Tubridy exactly how it felt for him and his team to taste defeat on a stage of that magnitude and how even the honour, the fan reaction and the large sum of money involved couldn’t fully cushion the blow.

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