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Watch: Brilliant Video Explains How Holloway Messed With Aldo’s Head Mid-Fight

Max Holloway’s stunning UFC 212 win over José Aldo last weekend is broken down in incredible detail by YouTuber MindSmash in the latest of his intriguing videos.

Max Holloway pulled off a memorable win last weekend when he detroned the two-time featherweight champion José Aldo to at long last bring another UFC belt back to his home state of Hawaii.

Holloway looked sensational on the night, employing a patient and measured approach to slowly break his Brazilian adversary down before finishing him with a barrage of strikes in the third round. It was a disappointing night for the homecrowd’s man but in truth, he was beaten fair and square by the better fighter when the octagon doors closed.

Aldo arguably won the opening two rounds but as Max grew into the fight, he was able to up the tempo considerably, outpacing his opponent as the contest went on. That wasn’t the full story of the night, however.

As Holloway loosened up, he began to take a leaf out of the Diaz brother handbook as he taunted the legendary Aldo, with him even going as far as to dish out an open-handed slap or two, adding insult to injury. Of course, ‘Blessed’ was nothing short of admirable in the way he showed respect post-fight, but when the fight was in full swing, his in-octagon bravado played a key role in unhinging the veteran standing before him.

The fantastically consistent and always interesting YouTuber MindSmash released yet another fight breakdown recently and in it, he discussed the mental warfare employed by Max mid-fight and how it ended paying off in more ways than he ever could have hoped for.

Watch the full video entitled ‘How To Smash A King – Max Holloway” below.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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