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Watch: Brian Ortega Spars Rener Gracie In Amazing Session, Shows Exactly How Creative His BJJ Game Is

UFC featherweight Brian Ortega takes on Rener Gracie in an electric – albeit lighthearted – grappling exhibition and shows his immense creativity on the mat.

Brian Ortega is a man who has been on the radar of hardcore MMA fans for some time now but after his incredible submission win over Cub Swanson last weekend, he proved to the masses that he is more than ready for his time in the spotlight.

UFC Fresno saw the veteran Swanson pitted against an unbeaten up-and-comer whose unpredictable and creative grappling style had seen him achieve his own piece of history in recent times, even if many weren’t aware of the fact that he did so. In his last four fights – prior to his pairing with Cub – Ortega had managed to pick up four straight third-round finishes, a feat so unusual that many have wondered at whether anyone in the future will be able to do the same.

It’s a testament to his durability inside the octagon, though. Time and time again ‘T-City’ has proven that he only needs one small opening to capitalize on and change the course of any given fight and his eagerly anticipated main-event showdown last Saturday was no different.

The guillotine he slapped on whilst in the clinch was what did it on the night, and though his near-ridiculous ability to clamp on to the neck was widely applauded, the fact that he was able to re-adjust his grip mid-air had many people in awe of his sheer audacity in close quarters.

With him now within touching distance of a title-shot at 145lbs, take a look at a video from back in 2014 where a younger Ortega engaged in a fun, but incredibly explosive BJJ roll with the famed-coach Rener Gracie, one that had those in attendance entertained from start-to-finish.

Say what you want about the actual competitiveness of the fixture, the entire spectacle managed to serve as a showcase for the rising-star’s athleticism, diversity, and fearlessness when rolling with a proven master of the art.


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