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UFC 219’s Pay-Per-View Numbers Place It As The Third Highest Of 2017

UFC 219’s pay-per-view estimates have been released and it managed to rank surprisingly high on 2017’s list of most-watched events.

Despite what Dana White and all of those others operating as representatives of the UFC would have you believe, 2017 will have to be remembered as something of an off-year for the promotion from a financial stand-point.

Sure, there were a handful of shows that were nothing short of electrifying to see in action but still, with the UFC now committing to more and more events over the course of the 52 week period, it can be difficult to put together the type of events that the fans will be willing to spend their hard-earned money on.

August’s massively successful boxing matchup between the promotional cash-cow Conor McGregor and the legendary Floyd Mayweather was among the most lucrative combat sporting events of all-time and we know full-well that the UFC had a piece of that pie. But when Dana addresses the media and tells them that this year has been among the most successful in the promotion’s history, is he putting too much of a weight on their venture into co-promotion on August 26?

It would certainly appear so, given the type of numbers that 2017’s marquee events brought in.

The two highest-grossing shows of the year, UFC 217 and UFC 214 brought in an estimated 875,000 and 860,000 buys respectively and following UFC 219’s showdown between Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino and Holly Holm, we have our third-placed seller for the year.

According to MMAFighting, UFC 219 sold somewhere between 340,000 to 380,000 PPV’s, making it less than half as financially successful as the second-placed entry, UFC 214 – which featured the grudge match between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones.

Some might be surprised at Cyborg and Holm’s placing on this list when you consider the shows it managed to beat out, but still, with just two events in 2017 that managed to pass the 400,000 mark, it’s hard to say that the UFC’s well of star-power isn’t in need of a major injection of life over the course of the next calendar year.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

Author: Cillian Cunningham

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