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Report: UFC 217 Pay-Per-View Numbers Speak Volumes About GSP’s Star-Power

Reports have emerged that seem to confirm that the fears about Georges St-Pierre’s star-power in the modern day UFC had absolutely no legs.

I’m sure it’s almost becoming an annoyance at this stage but again, it feels almost surreal to point out but, Georges St-Pierre is back.

UFC 217 served up an absolutely extraordinary night of fights for those present at Madison Square Garden in New York City but despite the flair of TJ Dillashaw, the unbelievable shock of Rose Namajunas and the myriad of other amazing moments to be found throughout the night, there was still no doubts over who was the main star when all was said and done.

Georges St-Pierre’s four year layoff didn’t see him lose too much of his fire as he made the switch up to the middleweight division, besting the champ Michael Bisping in what was a grueling battle that tested him to his very limits.

The always-dogged Bisping seemed to be gaining momentum as the fight went on and as the larger version of GSP seemed to tire but the Canadian’s experience and fight-IQ served him well enough to ensure that a beautiful hook connected flush on the Englishman’s chin, knocking him to the ground.

St-Pierre, was of course, able to issue some brutal ground-and-pound on the champ before taking his back and winning the contest by rear-naked-choke.

It was a special end to a special night and despite fears that his long lay-off would have done damage to his pulling-power, MMAFighting’s Dave Meltzer reported that GSP’s return did a staggering 875,000 buys in North America.

This figure means that UFC 217 outsold shows such as UFC 214: Cormier/Jones 2 as well as UFC 189: Mendes/McGregor.

It’s a testament to GSP’s enduring star-power and with him now sitting prettily atop one of the promotion’s most stacked divisions, his next move will be amongst the most hotly debated topics of the next calendar year.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

Lead mixed martial arts writer who can be contacted at [email protected]