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Watch: UFC 1: The Beginning In Full

The UFC have uploaded the event that started it all, UFC 1: The Beginning, to their official YouTube account for your viewing pleasure.

In some ways, it’s almost odd to see this comparatively primitive version of mixed martial arts with the knowledge of how far the sport has come in the time since.

Branded at the time as a limitless form of combat with no rules, regulating the sport is something that would come later into its relatively short time.

With us now over twenty-five years removed from then, even now we still see everything from the technical prowess to the overall presentation continue to change.

At the time, though, UFC 1 was a groundbreaking spectacle – one that saw eight elite martial artists enter a one-night tournament in the hopes of proving their discipline to be the best of the lot.

As we all know, that idea was one that continued to evolve and blossom into the UFC we know and enjoy today.

For what it was, though, UFC 1 was one helluva lot of fun and an incredible showcase for the eventual winner Royce Gracie’s brand of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Watch the event in full below:

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