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TUF Contestant Rips Into Eddie Alvarez Following Comments He Made About Her

The former UFC lightweight champion and recent Ultimate Fighter coach Eddie Alvarez came under fire from one of his TUF fighters recently following some comments he made about her during the show’s run.

Eddie Alvarez’s stock in the eyes of those faithful to Conor McGregor has only grown in worth since his classy acceptance of his loss to the now-champ back in November but despite this, he has earned himself a new enemy in the shape of one Lauren Murphy, a flyweight he coached on his recent run on the Ultimate Fighter.

Eddie coached alongside Justin Gaethje on the popular reality show and though the two are scheduled to fight in what could well be the Fight of the Year this winter, the show – for the most part – showcased a dynamic between both men that completely paled in comparison to the raw, volatile intensity that existed between Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw in the previous season just a few months prior.

Lauren Murphy, who joined The Fight Society podcast recently to discuss her time on the show, had very little in the way of positive things to say about her coach, and, in fact, went so far as to criticize his handling of her opening round loss to Nicco Montano in the early stages of the season.

“The next morning [after the loss], I literally felt like I had been in a car accident. I took the morning off. Most fighters will take a whole week off after they fight and obviously that’s not an option on “The Ultimate Fighter” but you can take a day off. It’s not going to hurt anything.

“For Eddie to say that I must not be built for this because I didn’t go into the gym the morning after I was on the wrong end of a fist fight, that’s just crazy to me. Ask Eddie if he went into the gym the morning after Conor McGregor knocked him out. I guarantee you he wasn’t skipping into the gym to help his teammates get ready for their next fights.

“Eddie went home with his family, he got to get on his little smartphone, order some good food and process what had happened. Whatever he needed to do to process that loss. On “The Ultimate Fighter”, we don’t have that. We can’t contact our families. We don’t have our normal comforts around us.

“We don’t even get to have a f–king phone. For him to expect everyone to be a robot and a machine and not feel anything when this is for the UFC belt. You’d think Eddie of all people would be more understanding how devastating that loss was.”

Murphy apparently had no idea that Alvarez had made the comments during her time in the TUF house and now, following the show’s airing, has doubled down on her opinion of Alvarez and how even before learning of his outburst her opinion of him wasn’t overly positive.

“Knowing that had happened and then watching what he said on the episode, it just kind of blows my mind that somebody could be so two-faced in such a short amount of time.

“My opinion of Eddie was not very high as it was and now it’s even lower. It’s below dirt. I can’t believe that he would say those things about somebody he was just speaking so highly of and especially to say it to the rest of the team.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

Lead mixed martial arts writer who can be contacted at [email protected]