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The World Was Outraged With Floyd Mayweather’s Response To Conor McGregor Incident

The world was understandably outraged by Floyd Mayweather’s response to his former-opponent Conor McGregor’s recent problems outside of the octagon.

He may be retired on paper, but Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’s knack for keeping himself firmly in the mainstream media’s eye is an art in itself. Sure, the bulk of the attention he is getting these days is in relation to the frankly ridiculous rumours of him making his debut in the sport of mixed martial arts but still, his name is never too far from the headlines.

This week, the big story in combat sports was, of course, the skirmish caused by the former-UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor at a recent media day in the lead up to last night’s UFC 223. The story has been told enough at this stage but after inflicting damage to both the red corner team bus for the card as well as several of the fighters competing, the reaction from the fans to the Irishman’s actions has been one largely of disgust, for the most part.

The last time McGregor was seen in action in any capacity was his August super-fight with Mayweather and while the pair showed their respect to each other when their ten round bout was finished, tensions have been flaring between both men once more.

Mayweather spoke on SHOWTIME about McGregor’s troubles in the past few days but his response has been labelled as massively hypocritical, given his own background.

“I feel that when you have reached such high status, you have to carry yourself in a classy way. I know that when we fought, we both sold the fight. The world loved what we did.

“But outside the ring, you’ve got to carry yourself like a gentleman.”

Mayweather’s history includes charges including domestic violence and misdemeanour battery, including a charge levelled at him from an ex-girlfriend and while not many are condoning McGregor’s conduct of late, they were quick to remind Floyd that he is no angel.


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