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‘The Korean Superboy’ Calls Out Artem Lobov, Fight Verbally Agreed Upon By Both Men

The man who came away from one of the greatest bouts in MMA history in defeat has called for a fight against Artem Lobov in his next outing.

UFC 206’s unbelievably enthralling main-event contest between the veteran Cub Swanson and the highly-touted Doo-ho Choi may well go down as one of the most exhilarating contests the sport of mixed martial arts has ever seen.

For three full rounds, Swanson and Choi traded the type of strikes that would surely have dropped lesser man in an instant but despite the war that ensued, it was the judges who were left to decide the victor in what was a true benchmark in the art of brawling.

Swanson was the one whose hand was raised on the night for the ‘Korean Superboy’ Doo-ho Choi, his reputation and stock were not hurt in the slightest by this setback. If anything, people are now more excited to see this phenomenal prospect in action again even more so than they were following the three back-to-back 1st round knockout wins he scored when he started off his UFC career.

And though the damage he sustained throughout the course of the bloody war was plentiful, Choi has now made it clear that he is ready to make his eagerly anticipated return to the UFC octagon.

Artem Lobov is a man whose UFC career has been a strange one, simply put. At 2-3, he has hardly managed to blow any minds with his somewhat patchy record but after his win over Teruto Ishihara at last year’s UFC Belfast, the ‘Russian Hammer’ took to his Twitter in the hopes of getting himself a more ‘high-profile’ bout, namely, the man who succeeding in defeating the aforementioned Doo-ho Choi at UFC 206, Cub Swanson.

After some heated Twitter exchanges, the fight was signed and though, again, it was Swanson who came out of it in victory, Lobov succeeded in winning over some naysayers with his gutsy and admirable performance.

Now, with both Lobov and Choi opponentless, Artem, again, jumped on the opportunity to nab himself a relatively big-name and put forth his hopes that a bout with the fan-favourite Choi could be signed next, once more, using the increasingly useful platform for self-promotion that is Twitter.

Now, with Artem’s callout already garnering significant buzz, the mild-manner Korean Superboy has issued a short but direct response to the SBG Ireland power-puncher’s challenge, one that will more than likely result in the fight being signed – if history is anything to go by, that is.

We all know Artem can take a punch at this stage and while Choi may well stand as the most technically sound fighter he has ever faced, his stint on the Ultimate Fighter showed us that the power in his hands has the potential to put anyone away on any given day.

Get this fight done and dusted, lads!

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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