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Teddy Atlas: Boxing Needs A ‘Dictator’ Like Dana White To Fix Problems

Famed boxing commentator and trainer Teddy Atlas spoke about how the sport of boxing needs a ‘dictator’ like Dana White to overcome the issues that are holding it back these days.

As the years have gone on, it does appear as though the politics behind the scenes are contributing more to what actually happens inside the ring.

From the match-making all the way to some of the questionable decisions earned by some of the sport’s cash-cows, there has been a certain level of unease felt by fans of the boxing as it seemingly continues to lose some of what made it great to begin with.

Atlas, who is a well-known and vocal member of the boxing community, spoke during a recent edition of his podcast about the differences between the modern-day industry behind the sweet science and the ever-blossoming force that is the UFC.

Citing UFC president Dana White as a key component of the promotion’s success, Atlas makes some interesting points about his status as a ‘dictator’ of sorts within mixed martial arts.

“I’ll tell you how it changes, make boxing the UFC. Get Dana White, it’s not happening, but he’s a dictator. You know what, dictators usually are not good but sometimes in some places, they can be useful.”

“The UFC and the building of that product, the development, the building, and the growing of the UFC — and boy did they grow — was because they have a dictator. Because the dictator can make all the rules. (via BJPenn)

Where boxing has several equally positioned networks and multiple superstars who often never compete against each other, MMA on whole, and, in particular, the UFC – have made their reputation on the back of serving up competitive fights when they need to happen.

“There was no separate powers. There’s no one saying we are fighting on our network, or our network, or our network, and we do what we want to do. There was one place, one guy laying the rules out. You fight him, or you’re out.

“You know what? That’s why he [Dana White] grew that sport and he grew that product because he can demand competitive fights. That’s what you’re asking for. You just want competitive fights, that’s all the fans are asking for. He [White] can do it, because he’s a dictator.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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