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Stipe Miocic Calls On DC To Rematch Him Before 40th Birthday

Stipe Miocic has once again called for Daniel Cormier to give him a rematch of their UFC 226 showdown before his 40th birthday in March.

Their first showdown was brief and in a lot of ways, ended unexpectedly as the smaller light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier managed to secure the KO victory in the very first-round.

And while the result of the fight was certainly put into dispute by some due to an eye-poke sustained by Miocic just prior to his demise, DC’s emphasis on striking on the clinch’s break was one he had clearly drilled and when all was said and done, the shot he caught the champ with was the perfect one.

Still though, in the time since, Stipe has been campaigning tirelessly for a second dance with the reigning champion. Considering that he is the most successful UFC heavyweight champion that the promotion has ever known, the idea of getting him back in there isn’t the most outlandish suggestion ever made.

And yet, in the sport’s modern age, the money-fight always seems to take precedence and for a while, it seemed as though the newly-crowned champ DC would get a potentially huge title-defence against WWE superstar and former UFC champion Brock Lesnar – a man who has not recorded an official UFC victory since 2010.

Now, according to UFC president Dana White, it doesn’t appear as though that fight will happen before Cormier’s apparent retirement date in March. And while it has been suggested by his coaches that his initial promise to hang up his gloves may not come to pass, DC himself hasn’t exactly made things clear.

Miocic took to his official Twitter to call on DC – who is opponent-less – for a showdown before March 20.

One would have to assume that the champ isn’t through just yet. His greatest rival Jon Jones returned in emphatic fashion to reclaim the 205lb belt he never lost at UFC 232 and it really does look as though a third showdown between him and DC at heavyweight will happen at some point.

Whether Stipe gets his wish or not remains to be seen.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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