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Watch: Chael Explains Why Mayweather/McGregor II Will Happen Next Summer

Chael Sonnen broke down exactly why he is absolutely certain that Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will fight inside the boxing ring next summer.

Chael has always been one for holding the outlandish opinion or two, but in a recent post to his official YouTube account – he explained exactly why a win at UFC 229 will lead the Irishman to a rematch with his old rival, Floyd Mayweather.

The entire process of getting the fight signed was a meandering road and a worldwide ‘will-they, won’t-they?’ saga and when the matchup finally was confirmed, a circus began that was unlike anything the world has ever seen.

According to Sonnen, the seeds for what he sees as an inevitable rematch will be planted as soon as the action on Oct 6 is finished.

“Conor and Khabib are going to fight on October 6. You’ll see a little bit as soon as October 7. Floyd Mayweather will make a comment but Conor may not fire back, he might take a break but he will come back.

“And then it will be Floyd vs. Conor II by Summer of 2019.”

McGregor’s focus is no doubt fixated on the challenge that lies before him next month but with the allure of such a potentially lucrative blockbuster still present, Chael went on to stress that his business sense will lead him back to Mayweather.

“Why does Conor want to do it? Is it for the money? Is it for the attention? Those are commodities that he can’t get anywhere else, so yeah, it could be.

“Conor could go out there and get his ass kicked by Khabib, wake up the next morning, and still be the biggest draw in the company.

“I believe his long-term and short-term goals are the same, and that’s a rematch with Floyd Mayweather – I just don’t think that rematch works unless he comes off of a win.”

I feel as though I can speak for the vast majority of dedicated fight-fans when I say that a rematch would be a tough sell.

Sure, their first meeting was different and in some ways a lot of fun, but the manner that the fight went as well as the lessons we learned would seriously dampen the expectations for a second-helping.

Chael seems to think that there is a narrative there, however.

“I think there is that piece of the story that we need. The invincible Conor McGregor finally had his armour dented by Floyd Mayweather – but he also only had eight months to prepare for a guy who had been doing it his whole life.

“I think that it’s interesting. I think that it’s very sellable. And I think those two athletes are going to demand – going to force down your throat and up your a** until they make it work a second time.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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