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Schaub Believes The UFC Can Make The Biggest Fights Of All-Time If Jon Jones Returns

Brendan Schaub believes that the UFC will look to set up some of the biggest fights in the history of the promotion if Jon Jones returns this year.

UFC president Dana White sparked some pretty interesting gossip when he posted a photo of himself and the former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar to his personal Instagram account recently.

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Lesnar, who last competed at UFC 200 in 2016, hadn’t appeared overly likely to return to the octagon any time soon due to his commitments to the WWE but, of course, the choice made by White to share his meeting with the 300lbs monster had many fans wondering if the UFC’s head honcho was hinting at something.

Brendan Schaub spoke during a recent edition of his Big Brown Breakdown podcast and put forth his belief that the troubled former-205lb champion Jon Jones would be the man to welcome Lesnar back to the UFC. Jones, whose anti-doping hearing takes place today, was stripped of his light-heavyweight title in stunning fashion after reclaiming his belt by defeating the current-champ Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 and in general, has seen his career come under much scrutiny in the time since.

If Jones hadn’t had yet another dramatic fall from grace following his UFC 214 third-round TKO win, it did appear as though he would have stepped up and fought Brock Lesnar in what would have been his own heavyweight debut and while the size difference would have been staggering, Schaub – during his aforementioned podcast – made his opinion known, that even now, the bookie’s favourite would be clear.

“I bet you Jon Jones is the favourite. If Brock gets him down [though], that’s trouble. They both had a long lay-off. They both come from pretty shady backgrounds, you know what I’m talking about. That’s the fight.

“Then the winner of that fights the winner of Stipe/DC. And that just builds that winner up even more.

“You get Stipe/Brock? Amazing fight.

“Jon Jones/Stipe? Ridiculous fight.

“If DC were to win? DC/Brock? DC and Brock? That’s the only fight Cormier’s going to wait around for. DC/Brock is sick. DC loves WWE too.

“Oh, and there’s one little other fight you’re forgetting about. If Jon Jones were to beat Brock and DC were to beat Stipe? You’ve got Jon Jones versus DC for the heavyweight world championship.”

A trilogy showdown between the two greatest rivals and two of the finest competitors in the sport’s history could well be the most eagerly anticipated matchup in the history of the UFC.

Sure, we’ve seen Jones defeat Cormier on two separate occasions in the past but with all of the questions marks surrounding Jon Jones in recent times as well as the heavyweight belt that would be strapped around DC’s waist, the interest would most certainly be there and besides, the alternative matchups that would be there in the event that either man lost out could well be just as amazing a spectacle.

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