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SBG’s Brian Moore Loses Out To Noad Lahat After Breaking Both Hands

Brian ‘The Pikeman’ Moore enjoyed a strong start to his featherweight clash with Noad Lahat but things quickly turned south after he sustained injuries to both hands.

The first round saw Moore score a knockdown that could well have resulted in the finish had the round not ended directly after. According to Moore’s statement after the fight, he sustained the first injury to his hand in the opening round.

Lahat will have to feel like he was saved by the bell to a certain extent and in the second-round, again it was The Pikeman who was able to impose his game early – scoring another knockdown before injuring his other hand.

From there, Lahat was able to turn the tide of the fight in his favour – scoring a unanimous decision victory.

Brian Moore took to his official Instagram page to reveal what transpired inside the cage during the fight’s fifteen-minute duration.

He then posted a lengthy statement explaining how the fight’s momentum was altered by the injuries he sustained to both hands.

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Both hands are badly damaged with my left thumb requiring surgery. There were two sides to this fight. Firstly, I take nothing away from my opponent – I respect the hell out of him for coming out of first and dealing with his own adversity in the opening 7 minutes. He showed a tonne of experience and heart. Respect @noad_lahat you're a true warrior…. I felt great in there last night in the first round and it was going as I planned. But – I felt my right hand break in the end of the first round, then my left early in the second. I couldn't post, grip, frame or make a fist. As a result my game suffered a lot. Everything that had been working up to that point no longer was. I was unable to stuff TDs, reverse against fence, land punches or get up from bottom as a result. Some people including the commentary, understandably, questioned my conditioning – but they couldn't be more incorrect. I came in prepared. Simply put, I was fighting a high level vet with two shattered hands and was in pain. No one is harder on themselves than me – but I honestly gave it my best in there. But it is what it is. I'm going to get surgery back home and begin the recovery process. I wanted to get on and give my account as many people got behind me for this fight and deserve the truth. I feel with all things considered this fight warrants a rematch and I'm hoping Noad and I can battle it out soon again. We both promised a war. We went to war. I hope you all were entertained and again, congrats Noad to you and your team. Lastly, I've never recieved so much support in my life. I'm incredibly grateful. I will try to reply to everyone but it's taken hours to type this so don't hold your breath 😂 Just know that I'm eternally grateful to each and everyone of you ❤️ Thank you to my coaches, teammates, management, sponsors @heraxhero, cornerman @samslater, everyone at Bellator, friends, family and supporters. But thank you most to my 3 girls. I can't wait to see you ❤️💕

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