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Report: Jon Jones Vs. Stipe Miocic Being Considered By The UFC

According to Chael Sonnen, the iconic reporter Ariel Helwani made the claim that the UFC are looking at a heavyweight clash between Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones.

The winner, of course, would be the prime position to take on the divisional champion Daniel Cormier – a fight that, no matter who it is between Jones and Miocic, would carry one seriously huge narrative.

Speaking on his official YouTube channel, Chael explained how the news came to him via¬†ESPN‘s Helwani.

“When Ariel says that he is ‘hearing talks’ – when Ariel says he is ‘hearing talks’, Ariel knows. Ariel is a journalist – he does not speculate, he says I’m hearing that both parties have agreed – or that both parties are interested rather.

“Now listen to this one. Listen to what Ariel said. Jon Jones, at heavyweight, versus – and I know you’re all going to think I’ll say Daniel Cormier or Brock Lesnar, I’m not.

“Jon Jones versus Stipe Miocic. Woah! That got my attention. Really?

“Stipe Miocic, who has kind of been sitting out and playing hard-ball, all of a sudden is willing to come to the table for Jon Jones? That’s compelling as hell to me.

“And it does serve the purpose of setting somebody big up for Daniel [Cormier] because whoever comes out of that fight – people are going to say ‘I want to see you take on Daniel.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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