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Peter Queally Signed To Face SBG-Turned-AKA Lightweight Myles Price

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Peter Queally has been confirmed (via MMAFighting) for a lightweight clash with Myles Price, a former SBG fighter who joined AKA and helped Khabib Nurmagomedov in his preparations to fight his old teammate Conor McGregor.

Myles Price is a former training-partner of Conor McGregor’s in SBG Ireland, one who seemingly has some less-than-positive memories of working with the UFC superstar.

Price has since aligned himself with standout gym AKA – home to Conor’s UFC 229 opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov, and in a recent interview with MMAFighting’s Eurobash podcast he broke down his experiences with the former dual-weight world champion.

“I’ll be honest with you, I never really got on well with Conor within the gym because me and Conor sparred a lot. At the time, Conor was taking fights at lightweight.

“I understand the hierarchy within gyms. Even here at AKA you have heated spars, but afterwards we shake each other’s hands, we talk about what we can work on and develop as training partners or as a team.

“Basically, with Conor, he’s quite narcissistic. He’ll see you as competition. He’s not very nice to be around in the gym. If you’re giving him hard spars, he won’t see you as a friend after a while.”

He since moved to AKA in the US where he experienced training alongside UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“One of the first guys that came over to me was Khabib. He came up and said, ‘What’s up’, he knew who I was and he knew what the craic was.”

In signing him up for a fight with Peter Queally, it looks as though Bellator are looking to capture some of that Team Khabib/Team McGregor fire for their eagerly anticipated return to Dublin in February.

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