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Owen Roddy Excited By The Possibility Of McGregor Vs. Cerrone

SBG Charlestown coach Owen Roddy has expressed his belief that a fight between Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone would be the ideal matchup for his star-pupil’s return.

There have been whispers of a showdown between these two for quite some time but speculation well and truly amped up a gear following Cerrone’s UFC Brooklyn victory over Alex Hernandez.

In many ways, it was good a performance as we’ve ever seen from the veteran as he gradually wore on the rising talent before TKO’ing him in brutal fashion in the second round.

The wave of praise Cowboy received for recording his first win at 155lbs since May of 2015 included a nod from the division’s former champion McGregor – who declared himself impressed enough to share the octagon with him upon his return – which presumably will take place this year.

Speaking on the most recent edition of MMAFighting‘s Eurobash podcast, Conor’s long-time striking coach Owen Roddy explained how the idea of a showdown between his fighter and Cowboy would be perfect at this point in each man’s career.

“The Cerrone one, it looks good. It’s definitely a fan favourite fight. Cerrone’s coming out looking to swing, Conor’s going to look to knock him out. The banter beforehand, although I don’t think it will be as agro, but I think it will be funny.

“I think both of them will go back-and-forth. It’ll be exciting for the fans and it will be a very exciting fight.”

Some very positively-framed language coming from the Irish MMA icon.

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When asked about the recent trip to the Irish capital taken by featherweight champion Max Holloway and the potential appeal of that matchup for McGregor – Roddy quickly returned to the subject of Cerrone.

“Yea he [Holloway] is putting the digs in. I saw the post the other day in the Jameson brewery, yea, I don’t know. I think the Cerrone one, because they both engaged so much directly – Conor said ‘I’ll do it’ and Cerrone’s like ‘let’s have it’. I think that might be in pipeline.

“I can’t confirm 100% but I think the fans would love it. They can see the two of them in there standing up and having a bang.

“Conor’s a superstar. Conor could turn around and say ‘I want to fight Khabib’ and he could probably swing it, just because he can. But everyone loses fights and you have can’t just fight #1 or #2.

“I think Cerrone is a fight. I would enjoy that, I think everyone would enjoy that.”

The entire interview made for an interesting listen but it certainly does seem as though there are some subtle signs to be heard in the words of Owen Roddy hinting that we should be expecting some big news in the coming weeks and months.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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