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Watch: Nick & Nate Diaz Throw Down In Tightly Contested Sparring Session

Though it would be completely ridiculous to ever imagine seeing the Diaz brothers face off inside the octagon, this brilliant sparring video gives us a small hint at how amazing such a contest would be.

Sometimes the fights that fans want to see the most are the ones that just have no chance of happening. Whether it’s weight, or age or unsuitable circumstances, the hypothetical matchups that fans have salivated over throughout the course of MMA history have often passed by without becoming a reality.

The notion of seeing the likes of Anderson Silva face Georges St-Pierre in both their respective primes or Jon Jones take on a healthy Cain Velasquez, have had the sport’s loyal supporters speculating for years but what if instead of age and weight, it was family ties that stood in the way of what could be perhaps the most ridiculous hypothetical matchup of them all.

Nick and Nate Diaz are two of MMA’s most popular figures and for years now, they have established themselves among the most entertaining fighters in the sport’s history. On paper, is it even possible to think of a better and more tantalising matchup than Nick versus Nate? Both guys fight at a ridiculous pace which they can sustain without issue for five rounds and both have near indestructible chins which would almost guarantee a brawl.

I know it’s almost stupid to even discuss but in the video below, Nick and Nate can be seen sparring in a pretty intense session and though the elder-Diaz appears to be the more polished of the two, Nate’s ability to hold his own against his brother in the ring is a testament to his truly excellent boxing ability, which is up there with the very best in MMA today.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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